PostHeaderIcon How to Make Money with your Internet Marketing Business

Internet marketing is a business that has a lot of earnings potential. I don’t care what you’re making now, you can always make more.

It’s not too far of a stretch to generate six figures from your internet marketing business. Heck, even seven figures are a real possibility!

Take the right actions and you can achieve it!

Get Serious

So many people get into business with the unrealistic expectation that things will just randomly fall into place.

I’ve got some bad news for those of you who believe that success will just happen; it won’t just happen!

You have to plan for success and then you have to take action to follow through with that plan. There is only one exception to this rule and that is winning the lottery. However, you have better odds at dying broke than you have of winning a six figure lottery.

Why not focus your time and effort on a strategy that has a great chance of working? Set goals and put your focus on a plan that will make money.

Set Annual and Daily Monetary Goals

Do you want to start earning six figures per year? You will need to make no less than $2,000 a week.

If you plan to work 5 days a week, then you will need to earn at least $400 per day. If you miss the mark, then you will have to make up for it the following day. This is what I mean by setting annual and daily monetary goals.

You will need to adjust the amount to be more reasonable while still challenging yourself. Maybe you can start out with a goal of $75 a day for a month and then gradually build it up to $100 a day after a month?

Just remember that any goals you set need to be both achievable and challenging. By slowly working your way up, you can discover new strategies and learn just how easy it truly is to make money once you make an effort.

Put a Price on your Time

Most of us never think to put a price on our time but it’s very important if you are trying to manage your time. For example, if you are earning $100,000 per year and you work 40 hours a week, then your time is worth $50 an hour.

Are you performing work that is worth $50 an hour or are you outside mowing the lawn or performing some other menial work that is not worth your time? The truth is that you will never get your time back. So add a value to your time and be sure that you are doing things that are worth it.

Get More Accomplished in Less Time

Time management and productivity go hand-in-hand. We all have a time when we are most productive so start by discovering what this time is for you. Then during that time frame, do nothing but work. Keep the door shut, turn off your phone, and stay off the internet. Do nothing but work.

Another valuable time saver is to group activities that are similar together. Also, be sure that you identify and eliminate time wasters.

These are things that are an utter waste of your time. One example of a time waster is meeting a client in person when a phone call will work.

Outsource Tasks that are Not Worth your Time

Remember when I told you to put a value on your time? If your time is worth $50 an hour and you are spending 2 hours mowing the lawn, then you are losing money since you could pay another individual $50 to mow it for you.

Anything that can be outsourced should be outsourced. You should be working ON your business, as opposed to IN your business. Once you learn to properly outsource tasks, you will be able to earn even more money.

Avoid Over Analyzing

Two huge factors that stop the momentum of so many online marketers is that they are either allowing analysis to pull them in too many different directions or they get no direction at all from them. The truth is that if you have a dozen different ideas on what to do next then you’re not likely to do anything.

That’s where planning becomes such a big deal. It keeps you focused on what comes next. It also eliminates the fear of taking that next huge step.

Don’t over analyze and worry about trying to get everything perfect. Trust me when I say you won’t. It doesn’t even matter when you get some stuff wrong. So long as you keep moving forward then you will be just fine.

Charge More

The fact is that if you charge more, then you will not need as many sales. Many people are afraid to charge what their product is worth so they under-price it, essentially losing a fortune!

Don’t make this same mistake!

An information product can sell for as much as $20. Sprinkle in a few videos and you can double that.

If you make it a full course then you can earn as much as $97 per sale! In fact, under-pricing will lead to fewer sales than charging what it’s worth.

Experiment with your pricing and you will be amazed at the results you achieve!

Repurpose Content

Have you spent a lot of time putting together an amazing blog? Then consider bundling it together into an eBook. When you interview an expert in your niche, then consider transcribing that interview and use some of the information as articles.

The trick is to get the most out of the content that you already have.

Specialize in a Specific Area

The more specialized you are, the more you can charge for your services. For example, if you are marketing for brick and mortar businesses in general then you’re not going to make as much money as another expert who specializes in helping dentists get new clients.

Look at doctors as another example of how this works. General practitioners do not earn anything close to as much as specialists.

Love your Customers

The absolute easiest business to get is from repeat customers. You just need to be sure that you treat them like royalty by providing excellent services and special promotions.

Treat them like the most important people in the world and they will come to you when they need your services again.


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