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PostHeaderIcon Imagine if You have only One chance to Survive?

Can you imagine just having ONE chance in life to accomplish anything? What will you do what you’re doing today differently?

Take a few moments to read this story about a little bird and imagine your life if you were this little bird.

Once an eagle that made its nest at the top of a tall bridge. The bird laid 3 eggs that all hatched to healthy chirping baby birds. As time went by, one of the hatchlings was ready to make its first flight.

It stood out at the edge of its nest, flapped its wings and took a leap of faith… to learn how to fly.

Unfortunately for that poor hatchling, it never had its glorious flight into the sunset. Maybe the wind was too strong on that day. Who knew the reason why it did not fly successfully.

It couldn’t stop itself from spiraling downwards towards the fast approaching concrete road far below its nest. The little bird fell to the ground and was run over by a car.

Thus, ends a life so full of promise…

Do you see how closely the story of the little bird resembles real life?

That little bird had only ONE chance to learn how to fly. Make or break, do or die. Can you imagine if you were given only one chance in life? That would be scary.

On the other hand, we are luckier as life always throws many opportunities our way. Even though, we failed to achieve success, in general, our consequence is not death or anything as critical as that . At the same time, it always amazes me how many people take those opportunities for granted thinking that there will always be a next time.

Well, what if there is no next time?

What if, you wouldn’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow?

What if this chance, here, right now is all you’ve got?

Maybe its time we start to look at life through the eyes of that little bird and seize each opportunity that comes our way like it was our last one. It could be a business opportunity, the dream job of a lifetime, starting a new family or just simply to make a difference to somebody else’s day.

Imagine how much of our infinite potential we can develop if we give our all to do the things that we get to do?

Put it this way — If you know that you’re NOT ALLOWED to fail in your next goal or seizing the opportunity given, do you think that your result will be different?

Give it a deep thought because this might change your mindset forever.

Don’t take life for granted .

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PostHeaderIcon Teaching kids to preserve memories through scrapbook

Memories are always meant to be preserved because these will remind people of the good experiences they had in their life times. In order to preserve good memories and experiences, more and more parents encourage their children to create their own scrapbooks at such an early age so they can keep their childhood memories intact.

Indeed, scrapbooking is one of the most effective and enjoyable ways of keeping memories safe and fun to look at. By collecting and keeping bits and pieces of memories together, anybody can create and tell a story. For children, scrapbooking can be a learning experience because this can teach them the value of resourcefulness, creativity, patience, and perseverance.


Scrapbooking is one enjoyable activity you can share with your kids. It can also be one of those activities they can share with their playmates and friends. But, before you get excited in starting to teach your kids the beauty of scrapbooking, there are some things you need to consider.

The first thing to consider in encouraging your kids to get into scrapbooking is their interest in the craft. If your child is one of those who are into arts and into collecting mementos to create another work of art. Then she or he is the perfect candidate for the activity because she/he already has the drive and the creativity to create another masterpiece.

But if your child is not yet interested with crafts and arts, it doesn’t mean he/she cannot indulge into scrapbooking. In fact, this is the perfect time to introduce him/her into a new world of exciting and enjoyable activity.

Aside from the interest of your child in crafts and arts, another thing you need to consider is the availability of space where your kids can do the activity. Since scrapbooking requires a lot of materials, you will need a space big enough for them to sprawl and to scatter the materials they will use for making the scrapbook. It is advisable that you provide a space where kids can do their scrapbook and a place where they can leave their stuff.

Hopefully the information presented so far has been applicable. You might also want to consider the following:

Next, you need to consider the amount of materials your child will need. Since you are about to teach him /her basic scrapbooking, you will need the materials which you can find in the four walls of your house. Here’s a quick list of the materials and supplies your kid needs: paper or scrapbook paper usually 12×12 in size, pens and colored pencils, photos, scrapbooking die-cuts and cut-outs, scrapbooking tools such as punchers, scissors, trimmers and rulers, stamps – rubber, clear and foam, adhesives and removers, stickers of different designs, color, and sizes, tags, different templates, totes and organizers, transparencies, albums and old scrapbooks, alphabets, books and scrapbooking magazines for scrapbook ideas, old cards, embellishments such as eyelets, brads, nails and tacks, colored and specialty papers, and scrapbook apparels such as scrapbook kits for starters.

Here are some cost saving tips for parents who wish to teach their children scrapbooking but don’t have the means to buy expensive scrapbooking supplies and materials:

1 Gather old pictures and let your kids scrap the photos you no longer need.

2. Whenever you go to the developing center, ask for the double prints and let your children experiment with the doubles.

3. After completing a specific project, make sure that you put the leftovers and unused scraps in a container so the kids can use it for another scrapbooking session.

4. Go over your old stuff and bring out the supplies you will no longer use.

5. Guide the kids in making scrapbooks so they will not consume supplies, time and effort in doing projects they cannot use.

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PostHeaderIcon Important Tips When Buying A Wakeboard

Wakeboarding isn’t a simple game, getting oneself won’t be looked at like a joke, every day life is the main one you operate to enjoy. Regarding using this sport, wakeboard can be one that tends to make every thing possible. Effectively, much like shopping for the right size that suits your system, selecting the actual  right wakeboard size is probably the most significant points throughout buying. There are kinds of dimensions that a wakeboard has; the actual smaller mother board the actual lighter and simpler that you can spin along with slip for that attaining outcomes you’ll find it easy for you to harmony oneself, greater boards in case usually proposed for that newbies in order that the crooks to have a very utmost thought with regards to with all the getting type, but it are generally major to accomplish spins. If your are fascinated with this exclusive activity they ought to think about their own potential as well as the balance with their body inside a little bit of strategy. Process can be drastically necessary for to counteract unnecessary things that may happen.
Size is an issue in which can give you a new tip in buying the  wakeboard, how are you going to know it that certain panel will perfectly fit with your fat. Inside doing this, you need to talk to wakeboard authorities also for the safety. Remember that this could expense your lifetime, therefore had better be thorough throughout selecting what exactly is most effective for you. Not merely the muscle size regarding your body may serve as the particular groundwork but in addition ones height can be considered within choosing the dimensions to suit your needs. Browsing on may be highly relevant to this particular activity nevertheless the just distinction is actually; it can be associated with a motorboat to display several methods in which captivate watchers.
 Re-writes, advances, and also breathing having landings that’s carried out simply by specialists. It may seem hard to own your  perfect size of board, in case could have got a single, you can start along with just straightforward balancing, performing a number of tricks wants plenty of practice which quickly make a cozy means of experiencing ones activity. Sizing will be as hard because studying the game; there are details on the net that will assist you discover the best answer for a trouble. End up being vitalized using the game in which pleased almost everyone, where the miraculous regarding balance will be executed.
 If you are conscious of the health concerns in doing this sports activity, better offer awareness in sizing your wakeboard, mastering originate from the following, and can motivate you to complete nicely sometime soon. There is nothing wrong together with having moment looking and also dimension for the sports activity. Right after can be as easy to take into account it one of several step to your own best lands, spins along with jumps. Having educate yourself on the clever collection of dimension for the wakeboard you’ve the particular freedom to interrupt no cost and enjoy the fantastic experience and also climb the exact level of the skills.  To find out more, simply pay a visit to 

PostHeaderIcon The world goes freelance

If you’re seriously interested in knowing about Freelancing, you need to think beyond the basics. This informative article takes a closer look at things you need to know about Freelancing.

The word ?freelance? was first coined by Sir Walter Scott, a renowned Scottish historical novelist and poet, in 1819 when he wrote his novel Ivanhoe, to refer to a medieval mercenary warrior. The term has then shifted into more figurative meanings. In the 1860s, freelance became a figurative noun, and in 1903, it was officially recognized as a verb by etymologists like the Oxford English Dictionary.

Today, the word ?freelance? has changed into different forms: as a noun, freelance or freelancer; as a verb, a photographer who freelances; and as an adverb, he works freelance.

Working freelance has become a career and lifestyle choice. It has given more people a variety of benefits and these people feel that there is no better option than the ones they have due to the flexibility of work.

More people today choose to leave the security of their day jobs and engage in freelance work due mainly to the following factors:

It seems like new information is discovered about something every day. And the topic of Freelancing is no exception. Keep reading to get more fresh news about Freelancing.

* Variety of jobs. More people are drawn to go freelance for this reason alone. Freelance work offers a greater variety of assignments compared to regular employment. And with the internet offering more opportunities, freelancing becomes a mine for those who seek good opportunities and better projects, not to mention higher paying jobs. A freelancer can also take on different jobs at one time. He/She can write feature articles while designing a website.

* Fast turnaround of projects. Most freelance jobs are time bound. These jobs are usually done fast and allows freelancers to move on to new projects as soon as they finish the job.

* More freedom, more flexibility. Going freelance can give a person the freedom to choose the place, date and manner in which to do work. Though some freelancing schemes require contracts, freelance still spells a no employer-no employee relationship. Freelance work offers more freedom for someone who does not want to be confined in an 8 to 5 or 9 to 6 work scheme. The freelancer is free to choose his working hours and be his/her own boss. Because of the freedom in work schedule, freelancing gives a person more time to pursue other interests or take on more jobs. Other freelancers also consider the fact that they can even take care of their family better as soon as they start working freelance.

* Improved income and savings. Freelance workers can usually command higher income rates for their projects because they are hired for their specific talents and skills. This is a big plus because they are paid high but do not have to work full time. Though income rates for freelancers vary, most of them still benefit from the setup. They charge either by the hour, by the day, or on per-project. Others use value-based pricing methods instead of imposing a flat rate. Payments are arranged based on the agreement, and could be done upfront, percentage upfront, or paid whenever the project is completed. For others, a staggered payment scheme may be agreed upon.

Today, freelancers can easily find work through the internet. The internet has been a good facilitator of freelancers and employers around the world. These jobs can range from writing short articles to language tutors to architectural designs. The demand to complete projects through freelancing is still very high, as shown by the thousands of projects posted in the Internet.

The day will come when you can use something you read about here to have a beneficial impact. Then you’ll be glad you took the time to learn more about Freelancing.

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PostHeaderIcon Page Scrap Booking

Do you ever feel like you know just enough about Scrapbooking to be dangerous? Let’s see if we can fill in some of the gaps with the latest info from Scrapbooking experts.

A scrapbook and a paper back novel are not that different. The words that normally tell the reader what is happening is seen in each of the images. Although this won’t reach more than a hundred pages, it is more than enough to tell a good story from beginning to end.

Each page that is placed in the scrapbook is made of paper. The hobbyist can buy this in the bookstore but get the kind that is safe for photos, acid and lignin free. This will ensure that this will last for many years to come as long as this is also stored properly.

The person can even choose use either plain or colored paper for each page and then use cutouts for the layout. The best instrument to use is a cutter because it easier to use when slicing through the edges but those who don’t have one should just be careful when using a pair of scissors.

Since it will be quite difficult to undo the changes when the pictures are cut, it will be a good idea to put everything first in order to get an idea how it will look. Some dual tape can be used initially and it is only when the individual is satisfied with it that one should continue so this page is finished making it possible to move on to the next one.

It will sometimes take more than a day to finish one page. It is easy to check how the succeeding page will look if these are placed beside each other but the hobbyist should flip back a few pages from time to time to make sure there is continuity from cover to cover.

Truthfully, the only difference between you and Scrapbooking experts is time. If you’ll invest a little more time in reading, you’ll be that much nearer to expert status when it comes to Scrapbooking.

The best way to preserve the scrapbook is to get a durable photo album cover. This will keep the contents safe even when this is hidden in a cool place for storage.

However, no matter how careful one is, the elements may still cause the scrapbook to decay. The best way to preserve the work done will be to put this in a compact disc or on the web.

Unlike the conventional method where paper is used on each page, the hobbyist can still do it by using the available templates from one website then proceeding to the next. Surely the designs here are much better but nothing compares to the imagination that comes from the working with the hands.

The person will just browse through the search engines to find sites that are free so it won’t cost a thing to download this into the computer. Some give the user the choice to save this on file when the project has not yet been completed or have this saved on the website’s database making it easier to continue where one left of.

There are many ways to make a scrapbook and it takes practice to really excel in this hobby. One way to improve will be to look at the previous work made or even those done by other people to get an ideas on how to improve when there is time to make a new one.

The person should remember that the scrapbook regardless of size is still composed of pages and the effort that is put into it is worth it.

That’s the latest from the Scrapbooking authorities. Once you’re familiar with these ideas, you’ll be ready to move to the next level.

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PostHeaderIcon How To Maintain Your Job Etiquette

When you’re learning about something new, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of relevant information available. This informative article should help you focus on the central points.

Have you worked so hard to land in a position in your current company? Have you always dreamed of working for your current employer? Well, the more reasons that you have to be careful with your actions, to watch out for your words, and to be conscious of your job etiquette.

There are times when without your knowing, some of your fellow workers get annoyed at you. It may be due to the way you act, the way you talk, the way you dress, the way you walk, and due to some other very minute details. There are various types of individuality that exist in all workplaces. You can never find a perfect and harmonious place in the corporate world. One basic reason for which is that it is part of human’s nature to be envious of what other people have. Second, some can really be too observant of other people’s personalities. At the same time, there is that sense of competition running in every worker’s veins.

Once you begin to move beyond basic background information, you begin to realize that there’s more to Etiquette than you may have first thought.

Etiquette refers to your manners. Thus, to be able to know which actions are proper and improper in your workplace, read on below for some tips.

Refrain from smoking or chewing tobacco during breaks or while working. You have to pay attention to the kind of space that you share with other people. Not all employees in your company are smokers, so to speak. Hence, they are not likely to appreciate the scent of tobacco on their hair, clothes, or working space. If you wish to smoke, it is best to stay in the smoking area so that you will not disturb others.

Freshen your breath after smoking. If you are assigned to the department that handles client inquiries, be sure to freshen up your breath after you have consumed any cigarette. People who talk to you are likely to be turned off as they catch your foul breath.

Pay attention to proper hygiene. Always arrive to work with a pleasant body odor and freshly brushed and flossed teeth. Be sure to change your clothes often and wear those freshly laundered pieces.

Dress appropriately. It is best to learn of the company’s dress code so that you will look respectable.

Don’t touch things which are not your own. Never get or touch food, drinks, and other people’s belongings without their permission.

Don’t butt in when other people are having discussions. It is not your business so back off. Don’t ever eavesdrop in other’s conversations. Share your idea only when the discussion is directed at you.

Be considerate especially as you use your cellular phone. Turn your phone into silent mode when you are working. When accepting a personal call, it is best to exit so others will not be annoyed.

Address each and every person with respect. Respect should not only be given to your boss and other superiors. You should know how to treat people of all ranks with respect.
Let go of your distractions. Don’t play games, turn on the radio, play loud music, and the likes while everyone is in work mode.

Watch your deadlines. You have been hired because you have a role to play and duties to fulfill. Therefore, beat your deadlines and fulfill your responsibilities.

All these tips will be helpful to you. Incorporate these job etiquette tips and you are sure to do well in your line of work!

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PostHeaderIcon UK Acting Professional Guards His Enchantment With The Apple Ipad In Spite Of Its Weaknesses.

The most popular British actor Stephen Fry was interviewed in the iPad Entertainment Summit in London and offered some positive accolades on the iPad and also stated that his fascination with the Apple tablet PC is just like having a dog. Really a cute way to say it, yet does it hold water? According to Fry someone doesn’t just own a dog simply because of the tricks and acts the animal can execute but simply because we adore domestic pets and love having and viewing one in our home to take care of. It is quite correct in some aspects because the majority of us don’t actually own a trained dog that even knows exactly how to do at least one trick to start with. And this outlook and viewpoint towards the iPad is the very core of the problem of RIM along with other organizations who are plotting and experimenting on exactly how to knock off Apple away from it’s presently leading location in the tablet market. They’ve developed their particular edition of tools that some people call “iPad killers” but it doesn’t seem to be working on those actually committed Apple lovers and enthusiasts. That’s the reason why no matter how very good a item may seem to be if the mindset of a person has already been bent to be loyal to a certain type of brand or a product has already developed a certain cult following then features alone, no matter how wonderful will have a hard time taking away these clients from Apple. Concerning the iPad matter, however a few say have certain weaknesses; can simply be answered in this way: well, what product in world does not have a weakness in the first place? Our consumers made the decision to acquire their iPad and retain it despite various tablets that are rumored to be revealed before the end of this year. Our clients have consistently secured ipad insurance and for those that have lately obtained their iPad, the emails regarding the proper insurance for ipad have been really flooding our mails. If they adore having an iPad, then certainly ipad insurance UK is a important investment that can insure them if your iPad was stolen or damaged. Apple has already made an atmosphere among their lovers that makes them love having their products and if this is the case, showing off “such and such” characteristic no matter how excellent, can be futile because it appeals only to logic. But just what Apple has appealed to people’s emotions, and that what made them the leader.

PostHeaderIcon The Gift that Keeps Giving

Gift giving can be a very tedious process. It can be very difficult to figure out what type of present is appropriate and useful enough to endure and convey the entirety of your intent. For instance, when giving a gift for our children or our friends’ children, it can be very difficult to think of something that boasts both of novelty and usefulness.

Sometimes because of this, we either sell out and give the most generic item or end up not getting our loved one anything at all when faced with the challenge of gift giving.

Luckily, there is a gift item that is very personal, novel and ideal for babies-a scrapbook!

Scrapbooking is a novel way of maintaining lasting memories while creatively recounting the stories and the wealth of emotion behind each snapshot. Anyone can scrapbook. All one needs are the regular scrapbooking materials and one’s creativity will unleash itself. This way, a scrapbook makes the perfect gift it’s personal, handmade and relevant. The best thing about it is that when you give a scrapbook as a gift, the person who received it can continue the scrapbook project on his or her own.

You can see that there’s practical value in learning more about Scrapbooking. Can you think of ways to apply what’s been covered so far?

For instance, you can give your friend who is a new mom a baby scrapbook. You can enlist the help of your other friends to collect snapshots dating as far back as the wedding up until the time she gives birth. You can make a chronicle that will make your friend happy every time she goes through the baby scrapbook because it tells a very wonderful and precious part of her life and she can recount and recall it every time she looks through the baby scrapbook.

What’s more is that other people will enjoy this particular baby scrapbooking project of yours as well. You see, a baby scrapbook is something to be enjoyed by the whole family. The parents of the child will surely appreciate the wonderful baby scrapbook as a gift and eventually, the grown up child will be delighted to see her own baby scrapbook. In fact, this baby scrapbook may spawn the family to continue to the storytelling and expand the scrapbook onto the different stages of one’s life.

While a personally made baby scrapbook is a wonderful present to a friend who has just given birth or for a godchild that can finally appreciate seeing his or her story told by a wonderful baby scrapbook, or even for an expecting mother, don’t forget that your own children will benefit from a baby scrapbooking endeavor.

Even if your child or children have long grown up, it is never too late to begin a baby scrapbooking project that you can give to them as a present. They are sure to enjoy the present of their very own baby scrapbook at whatever cognitive age they may be at. It would probably be an even better idea to give this present to your child when he or she is expecting to have his or her own child.

This way, the recipient of your baby scrapbooking project will be able to reminisce about his or her own infancy as they expect their own baby to be born. The story from the baby scrapbook then becomes even deeper and makes sort of a closed loop that will perhaps encourage them to embark on their own baby scrapbooking project for their own child. This is something that they will enjoy making, which, will be eventually enjoyed by their child when he or she grows up.

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PostHeaderIcon Google’s new instant search – a good idea?

There was a big announcement yesterday from the guys at Google, and it was all to do with how we will now search for stuff. No, they’re not introducing mind reading technology (not yet anyway), they’re actually using their combined knowledge of previous search and trending topics to give us search results whilst we type.

I have to say, I’m not entirely sure how to take it yet, but if you want to try it out yourself you’ll need to be logged into Google, so you’ll therefore need an account. But when you’re logged in, this happens when you search:

As you can see, the search results automagically change as you’re typing. So if you begin to type something, Google now bases the current search on what you’ve typed in, then alters it as it gets more information. This is probably going to be great for a lot of people who like to save time, but will it affect search results at all? As far as normal search results are concerned, there is apparently going to be absolutely no difference.

However, if you used to be found for what we call a ‘long tail’ search term before, then can we be sure people will bother typing it all in if they get the results they want as they type? It remains to be seen if this will have a drastic effect on visitors. My own personal view is that it won’t. Many people don’t bother logging in to Google at all so they won’t even see the new changes and therefore these developments will simply bypass a great majority of users. What do you think though? Will this change the way you search?

If you’re embarking on any SEO Training then you’ll probably want to take this into consideration when thinking about the keywords you use. It’s probably no longer OK to simply choose one keyword over another, you need to think of all keywords in the round and think about how your choice of longer-tail words will ultimately affect how your sites are found.

PostHeaderIcon 3 Powerful Facebook Advertising Tips

Due to its thorough marketing system, Facebook has turned into the world’s best social network. If you want to use this advertising system, then you must acknowledge the things that we discuss in this article.

One of the most effective tips when you’re advertising on Facebook is to send the traffic to your Facebook fan page. There is a huge amount of traffic that is very targeted at Facebook, and you can reach that traffic with fan pages. First of all, when you send the traffic directly to your website the click through rate and the conversion will be lower than when you send it to the fan page. This isn’t hard to figure out because with a fan page, people have a chance to connect with you; and then when they do see your marketing offers they are almost pre-sold to you. It’s just numbers and marketing, so the simple strategy is to collect as many fans as possible because then all of those people will see your offer. Obviously, if you do not have any fan pages, then you really should just give it a try and discover the results on your own. Don’t have a Facebook fan page? If you have an account with Facebook, then it’s really pretty straightforward to make a fan page. Like email marketing, you can’t just get optins and automatically start making a killing. Right? Your fan page needs to offer or give something to people; make them want to get involved in some way. The more attractive you make it for people, then you will see a better response from them. Besides this, you can also separate your traffic by age group. The best way to go about this is to create age groups that have a gap of say 5 years. But, don’t limit yourself to groups with 5 year age gaps. This one feature has plenty of potential for testing. You could then gauge the responses that you receive from each group and then target your ads according to these results. As time passes by, you’ll realize that these responses become a little predictable, making your job easier. This is when you would be able to promote to people of different ages with products that were created just for them.

When marketing your fan page, never send people to your general wall; you want to send them to the custom tab.

No one has control over wall content, for obvious reasons if you know anything about Facebook. However that is not the situation with the custom tab where you do have control over the content. When anyone sees your wall for the first time, they’ll see comments left by other people. Conversion rates are higher when they land on your custom tab; much lower when landing on your wall. Ok, always do business with the custom tab, and the wall is never for business. Finally, Facebook is getting more popular and if you want it to be beneficial, you must test your ads a lot in order for it to work for you.

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