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Imagine this… You have finally decided that the 9-5 day job isn’t for you.

You’re tired of your work being undervalued and under-appreciated.

You would like to work when you feel you are most productive, not when some boss or manager feels it is so. You are also tired of working hard with no incentive or reward scheme in place.

Affiliate marketing is a great opportunity for those who want to venture out on their own. The minimal risk and zero start up costs make it an attractive option to many.

Affiliate marketing programs are perfect for those people who are motivated and self starters. They are also great for those who want to set their own working hours.

The internet has helped change so many aspects of our lives. We can study and work from home with the help of a computer and high speed internet access.


However, there are unfortunately lots of scammers out there ready to take either your money or your work to use for their benefit. Many of these email scam programs and work at home schemes have little hope of amounting to any kind of living.

Unfortunately, these scammers have made their way into the world of affiliate marketing as well. There are some excellent affiliate marketing programs to get involved with; the trick is how to spot the scammers.

The face and manner of the internet and affiliate marketing is constantly changing. This makes it very difficult to produce a definitive list of do’s and don’ts.

What to look for?

However, there are some signs that one can look for. If your company displays any of these signs it does not mean for sure that they are con artists. However, it should warrant further investigation.

An affiliate marketing program should always provide you with some support. This can include an agent that you can contact with questions or problems.

A legitimate company should want you to do well. The better you do the better they do.

It should at very least contain a toll free phone number, email address and fixed street address.

If your company is an online affiliate marketing program, the lack of an email or web page should definitely raise some red flags.

Other things such as no phone or address do not mean necessarily that they are trying to scam you. However, you need to investigate them with a fine tooth comb.

What to test for?

A good test is to send the company an email with some basic questions. If it takes them weeks to get back to you then you need to give this venture careful consideration.

Again, they may not be out to con you but if they are poor at communication, this could be a sign of other internal problems.

If the company has no website then you should consider something else. Legitimate affiliate marketing programs generally have a detailed website with all the information you need.

One should be suspicious of companies that operate only by email. A website is fairly easy to create so why hasn’t this company invested the time to do so?

Also, a website leaves a bit more of a trail to a company. If they do end ups camming you, the chances of tracing the people via a website are much better then tracing them through masses of email addresses.

Final words…

Many of us would love the opportunity to work for ourselves. We would love to chuck in the day job and start our own businesses.

However, the costs of starting a business combined with the risk involved stop most of us before we even get started.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make some money by working for yourself. The costs are next to none and the risk minimal.

One needs to use some caution when signing onto a program. Make sure there is adequate support available to you.

Make sure the company is contactable and that they answer queries in a timely fashion.

Be incredibly cautious of companies that have no website. These factors do not always mean that the company is out to scam you; however they should be looked at carefully.

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PostHeaderIcon 25 Back-end marketing strategies

Today I’d like to give you some ideas for back-end marketing..

Below you will find a list of 25 different kinds of special back-end offers you could create to increase your sales after your prospect takes a certain action…

1) You could present a ‘subscriber only’ offer to people after they subscribe to your list.

2) You can advertise an ‘upsell offer’ to your visitors after they buy your product.

3) You should promote a ‘price drop’ sale to your leads every now and then. You can send them a bonus coupon to use on the main site.

4) You could endorse a ‘downsell offer’ to people after they sign up to your list, for those instances when they turn down your primary offer.

5) You might plug a ‘inventory clearance’ sale to your prospect.

6) You can launch a ‘one-time’ offer to your visitors after they sign up to your list or purchase a low-cost report.

7) You could release a ‘limited time offer’ to people on your list every now and then.

8) You can send a ‘price hike warning’ offer to your prospects to convince them to purchase your product or service at a lower price tag

9) You can propose a ‘gift wrapping’ special to your visitors after they purchase your physical product.

10) You might recommend a ‘buy one get one free’ deal to your prospects after they comment on your blog.

11) You can present an ‘add on’ offer to your visitors after they have decided to spend money on your product.

12) You can market a ‘multiple product bundle’ offer to your leads.

13) You could advertise an ‘affiliate product recommendation’ to people after they pick up your product.

14) You might promote a ‘buy through my affiliate link bonus’ bonus deal to your prospects

15) You should plug an ‘affiliate contest’ promotional offer to your leads after they visit your blog.

16) You could launch an ‘upgrade’ offer to people after they acquire your product.

17) You can release a ‘deluxe offer’ to your visitors after they pay for your product.

18) You could propose an ‘early bird’ offer to people when you launch a new product

19) You can introduce an ‘also try deal’ to your visitors after they grab your product.

20) You might market a ‘hard copy’ version upsell offer to your prospects after they purchase your digital product.

21) You should promote a ‘resell rights upgrade’ offer to your leads after they get your personal use product

22) You might plug a ‘private label rights backend’ offer to your prospects after they get your product.

23) You could release a ‘dime sale’ offer to people on your list

24) You might recommend a ‘only (no.) left’ sale to your prospects

..and lastly…

25) You could advertise a ‘7 day trial offer’ to people after they get on your list

That’s it!

You could also use them for front end sales, as well as give you a few ideas for free bonuses that will help influence people to buy instantly.

All the best,



PostHeaderIcon How to Make Money with your Internet Marketing Business

Internet marketing is a business that has a lot of earnings potential. I don’t care what you’re making now, you can always make more.

It’s not too far of a stretch to generate six figures from your internet marketing business. Heck, even seven figures are a real possibility!

Take the right actions and you can achieve it!

Get Serious

So many people get into business with the unrealistic expectation that things will just randomly fall into place.

I’ve got some bad news for those of you who believe that success will just happen; it won’t just happen!

You have to plan for success and then you have to take action to follow through with that plan. There is only one exception to this rule and that is winning the lottery. However, you have better odds at dying broke than you have of winning a six figure lottery.

Why not focus your time and effort on a strategy that has a great chance of working? Set goals and put your focus on a plan that will make money.

Set Annual and Daily Monetary Goals

Do you want to start earning six figures per year? You will need to make no less than $2,000 a week.

If you plan to work 5 days a week, then you will need to earn at least $400 per day. If you miss the mark, then you will have to make up for it the following day. This is what I mean by setting annual and daily monetary goals.

You will need to adjust the amount to be more reasonable while still challenging yourself. Maybe you can start out with a goal of $75 a day for a month and then gradually build it up to $100 a day after a month?

Just remember that any goals you set need to be both achievable and challenging. By slowly working your way up, you can discover new strategies and learn just how easy it truly is to make money once you make an effort.

Put a Price on your Time

Most of us never think to put a price on our time but it’s very important if you are trying to manage your time. For example, if you are earning $100,000 per year and you work 40 hours a week, then your time is worth $50 an hour.

Are you performing work that is worth $50 an hour or are you outside mowing the lawn or performing some other menial work that is not worth your time? The truth is that you will never get your time back. So add a value to your time and be sure that you are doing things that are worth it.

Get More Accomplished in Less Time

Time management and productivity go hand-in-hand. We all have a time when we are most productive so start by discovering what this time is for you. Then during that time frame, do nothing but work. Keep the door shut, turn off your phone, and stay off the internet. Do nothing but work.

Another valuable time saver is to group activities that are similar together. Also, be sure that you identify and eliminate time wasters.

These are things that are an utter waste of your time. One example of a time waster is meeting a client in person when a phone call will work.

Outsource Tasks that are Not Worth your Time

Remember when I told you to put a value on your time? If your time is worth $50 an hour and you are spending 2 hours mowing the lawn, then you are losing money since you could pay another individual $50 to mow it for you.

Anything that can be outsourced should be outsourced. You should be working ON your business, as opposed to IN your business. Once you learn to properly outsource tasks, you will be able to earn even more money.

Avoid Over Analyzing

Two huge factors that stop the momentum of so many online marketers is that they are either allowing analysis to pull them in too many different directions or they get no direction at all from them. The truth is that if you have a dozen different ideas on what to do next then you’re not likely to do anything.

That’s where planning becomes such a big deal. It keeps you focused on what comes next. It also eliminates the fear of taking that next huge step.

Don’t over analyze and worry about trying to get everything perfect. Trust me when I say you won’t. It doesn’t even matter when you get some stuff wrong. So long as you keep moving forward then you will be just fine.

Charge More

The fact is that if you charge more, then you will not need as many sales. Many people are afraid to charge what their product is worth so they under-price it, essentially losing a fortune!

Don’t make this same mistake!

An information product can sell for as much as $20. Sprinkle in a few videos and you can double that.

If you make it a full course then you can earn as much as $97 per sale! In fact, under-pricing will lead to fewer sales than charging what it’s worth.

Experiment with your pricing and you will be amazed at the results you achieve!

Repurpose Content

Have you spent a lot of time putting together an amazing blog? Then consider bundling it together into an eBook. When you interview an expert in your niche, then consider transcribing that interview and use some of the information as articles.

The trick is to get the most out of the content that you already have.

Specialize in a Specific Area

The more specialized you are, the more you can charge for your services. For example, if you are marketing for brick and mortar businesses in general then you’re not going to make as much money as another expert who specializes in helping dentists get new clients.

Look at doctors as another example of how this works. General practitioners do not earn anything close to as much as specialists.

Love your Customers

The absolute easiest business to get is from repeat customers. You just need to be sure that you treat them like royalty by providing excellent services and special promotions.

Treat them like the most important people in the world and they will come to you when they need your services again.


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PostHeaderIcon Advantages of Publishing on Kindle

Amazon is the absolute leader in the eBook revolution so it’s no surprise that Kindle has risen in popularity lately in the online world.

In the light of this, I decided to list five huge advantages of publishing your book to Kindle…

#1 Exposure
Topping the list is exposure. By publishing a book, you are adding credibility of your name: it’s one of the essential steps to personal branding.

Even a book that is priced at $2.99 is going to allow others to see you as a published author.

#2 List Building
It’s extremely easy to place a link to a squeeze page on your website inside of your book.

You can set it up to offer another free eBook to your readers just by allowing them to sign up to an email subscription.

Plus, the added bonus is that most of the prospects that you refer through your eBook are high quality consumers, since they paid money to read your book.

Paying customers are already interested in your niche and by joining your list, they are showing that they like you and what you have to offer.

They are very likely to make additional purchases through your website, allowing you to keep 100% of the sales amount (no sharing with Amazon).

A little known secret that will increase the list building potential even more is the ability to let Amazon give away your book every 5 days out of 90.

Just make sure to enlist the ebook in the KDP Select program’s Free Book Promotion where readers worldwide can get your book free for a limited time.

The rest of the time you’d price the ebook at the lowest amount allowed – $2.99, as this will get more buyers and ultimately more visitors to your squeeze page…

#3 Short Books are Okay
Paperback books are expected to be around 200 pages to be considered “real.”

With Kindle books, the length is no longer the primary concern.

The important part is that the book delivers on its promise, which can be done in as little as 20 pages.

Keeping them short enables you to release more books more frequently, while still delivering high quality books that will sell, and get great reviews.

#4 Kindle Devices are Not Necessary
Readers who purchase your Kindle book can read it on their computer or by downloading the free Kindle app.

So your potential book buyers are virtually anyone who has access to Amazon – how cool is that :)

#5 High Royalties
Remember to price your book between $2.99 and $9.99, since this will get you 70% royalties from sales.

That’s truly a remarkable number when you consider that in the past, authors only received between 10% to 20% royalties from their books.

Plus, you are generating continuous revenue from a book that you only have to work on one time.



PostHeaderIcon Internet Marketing and Monthly To-Do Lists

Do you work as an internet marketer?
– Whether you sell your services to webmasters or if you market a product or service that you personally sell, time management is vital to your success. Interest generated through effective marketing campaigns will translate into income. However, if you have a poor sense of time management, your ability to work will be impacted, as will your income level.

Since time management has such an important role in generating income as an internet marketer, how do you use it to your advantage?
– You do have a number of options, but some work better than others. To get started, try monthly to do lists.

Monthly to-do lists?
– Yes, monthly. Unfortunately, this is a point where many new to internet marketing think that monthly lists put a lot on ones plate. Yes, they do, but it vital to your success as an internet marketer to stay focused and on task. A monthly to-do list can help you do this. Plus, to be a successful internet marketer, especially when marketing your own products and service, it is important to have long-term goals.

So, what makes a monthly to-do list better than a daily or even weekly list?
– It has to do with generating traffic. For example, submitting content to article directories with back links is a great way to generate interest and market a website, but it only works for so long. Article directories keep new articles up higher in their search results. This means you may generate traffic from an article you wrote two days ago, but that traffic will slowly taper off.

In keeping with the above mentioned article directory example, it is important to create a strategy. Since you will see the most traffic generated from content on an article directory in the week following submission, don’t submit 10 articles the first week of the month and stop. Yes, you still do increase traffic, but you need to be strategical about it. Placing articles on directories at various stages throughout the month will result in new, different readers.

When creating a monthly to do list, you have different options. For starters, you can create a handmade chart or list. Another option is to use Microsoft Word or Works or a spreadsheet. Not only is it quicker to compile your information the computer, but it can be saved. With monthly to-do lists, you can use them again. Since you will want to cross each task off as completed, don’t be left having to write another handmade list. Instead, save your monthly to-do list as a spreadsheet on your computer and print a new copy each month.

When creating a spreadsheet with a Microsoft program, use the columns to create four sections. These sections will be week 1, week 2, week 3, and week 4. In the rows underneath, highlight internet marketing tasks to do. For example, week one could include creating a monthly newsletter for customers and submitting 2 articles to article directories. Week two could include emailing your newsletter to customers, submitting 2 more articles to directories, and starting a contest on your website.

In short, it is important to stay focused and on task daily while working as an internet marketer, but it is also important to consider the long-term results. To see the best success as an internet marketer or an online retailer, aim for long-term boosts of traffic, not short ones.

..and Your Daily Quote…

“Obstacles can’t stop you. Problems can’t stop you. Most of all, other people can’t stop you. Only you can stop you.”

– Jeffrey Gitomer


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PostHeaderIcon Making Money Selling Domain Names

Have you ever wondered what exactly is up with Domain Names? This informative report can give you an insight into everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Domain Names.

Selling domain names can be quite profitable for webmasters. This is particularly the case if the webmaster sells a domain name that has an existing line of traffic. In these situations domain names can generate thousands of dollars for their webmasters. There have even been domain name names that allowed webmasters to collect millions in profit. With a little bit of basic knowledge, you can emulate such success for yourself. This article will provide that information through an easy to follow step-by-step guide.

First, you will need to find a search engine keyword that is highly searched yet not used much by other websites. You can do this by using a keyword analyzer. The best keyword analyzers are those that you pay for, such as Word Tracker or Keyword Analyzer. The reason why these are preferable over free ones is because they let you know how much competition you are facing with a potential keyword. Free ones only tell you how much the keyword has been searched. If money is a problem, try to get a paid keyword analyzer that is offering a free sample, such as Word Tracker. You can upgrade to the paid version once you return profit from the sale of your domain name.

With your keyword chosen, you will need to get a domain name and web hosting. Why do you need web hosting if you’re going to sell just the domain name? It’s because you’re going to need a website to drive traffic to that domain name. Without a website visitors won’t want to return to whatever domain name you selected. This lessens the main element that gives a domain name profitability: traffic.

Anyway, try to get a package that will include both web hosting and a domain name at the same time, since you won’t have to worry about transferring anything later. When you choose your domain name, make sure you include your selected keyword in its phrasing. If you find that your selected keyword is taken as a domain name, try making alterations like saying “a1″, “123” or “101.” For example, say the keyword “Careers” is taken as a domain name. You could say “A1 Careers,” “Careers 123″ or “Careers 101.” Alternatively, you could try searching for a related keyword that isn’t taken as a domain name. Either way, keep trying until you get a memorable yet keyword-rich domain name that still has a .com extension.

Is everything making sense so far? If not, I’m sure that with just a little more reading, all the facts will fall into place.

Now, you will need to create a website for your domain name. It doesn’t have to be big… even a one-pager could do the trick, if you don’t mind a website so simple. Write an article related to the keyword you chose and create a simple site using Microsoft Word, (make sure you save the document as an .HTML file). Sign up for Adsense and/or an affiliate program, so you can offer additional resources for your visitors. You will also earn a commission if a sale is made or a clickthrough generated, (depending on the program you joined).

Once your website is uploaded, you need to focus on traffic-building. You can get an initial boost by buying traffic, though make sure the company you buy your traffic from uses expired domain names rather than bots or even incentive traffic, (such as paid emails). But even after this you will need to try to build up inbound links. These are websites that link to you. Post your site on any free site, such as directories, message boards or online classified ads. Also, make sure you submit articles to free article directories. Additionally, try to initiate link exchanges. You can do this by emailing the webmaster or finding link exchange networks such as Link Market.

Keep building up your links until you get a steady stream of traffic. If you get enough traffic, you will get an Alexa rating. If the rating is pleasing, find a domain name appraiser and see how much your domain name can go for. This will give you some idea of how much you can realistically get, but don’t get discouraged if the number seems low. Why? It’s because some people will care more about the traffic your domain name is receiving over the supposed SEO elements of it.

Either way, when you feel you are ready put your domain name up for auction. You may even want to include your original website, though this is optional. When the domain name sells, you will need to transfer it over to the new webmaster’s account… your web hosting company can help you with this.

With your profit you may want to consider doing the venture again with an expired domain name. This will get you a traffic boost without having to go through the actual process of traffic-building, (if you decide you don’t want to do that).

About the Author
By Anders Eriksson, proud owner of this top ranked web hosting reseller site: GVO Hosting



PostHeaderIcon Simple Boosts To Cyber Security

Cyber security is among the toughest issues to resolve. It has proven to be difficult since it is constantly evolving and most of our daily activities can be hit by it. How much do we rely on computers nowadays? A lot. Whether it is transportation, entertainment, communication, finance, and even daily needs. Everything seems to be computerized. What do you think would happen if these systems would crash? Catastrophe would ensue.

There are simple things that we could do to ensure the safety of our systems and computers. For your accounts and computer:

? Make sure that the passwords you are using cannot be immediately guessed. Another common mistake made is that they would be jotting their passwords. Surveys said that about 1 out of 3 workers would write their passwords. Inside attack is one of cyber security attacks, this could mean that a disgruntled employee could use other people?s passwords to access the system.

There are companies, especially outsourcing companies, that strongly prohibit any kind of written password, like mentioned in the example.

? Aside from the password, there are also operating systems and applications that could protect your account and computer. Firewall for starters, should be installed and used. A firewall is a program that blocks unauthorized Internet traffic, just like how a physical firewall works. Setting up and configuring a firewall, will actually help you maximize its full potential.

Anti-virus software can be your best shot to make sure that your computer is protected, you just have to make sure that it is regularly updated. Anti-virus software would come with spyware detecting programs. There are new computers, nowadays, that are offering or already have an installed anti-virus software.

I trust that what you’ve read so far has been informative. The following section should go a long way toward clearing up any uncertainty that may remain.

? If you have sensitive documents in your account and computer, it would be better if you would be encrypting the data. When deleting sensitive documents, then you make sure that it has been totally removed from the system. Hackers are capable of restoring or retrieving any deleted documents especially if it is not totally removed from the documents.

Electronic mails are also vulnerable to cyber security attacks. Different styles and types of e-mail scams are being developed everyday, so everybody has to be prepared and alert whenever we receive emails. Here are some signs that these e-mails are possible sources of cyber security attacks.

? The email is not addressed to you personally and aside from that the sender of the email is somebody you are not even familiar with. Most of phishing e-mails would have an attachments along with the email. These attachments do not even have a clear title or clear purpose.

? As your read the email, you will notice a lot of spelling and grammatical errors which indicates how unprofessional it is.

? Emails that ask you to provide financial information like credit card number, social security number, password and asking you to send some money, is totally a scam. Banks and other institutions do not ask you these kinds of information over an email.

When you received this kind of email, do not click on any links or attachments. These links and attachments would bring you to sites that have high risks of viruses and spyware. For example, experts would say that attachments ending in “.vbs,” “.scr,” “.exe,” or “.pif” can have viruses. It is best to immediately delete the email, do not even open or respond to the email.

Another assurance that even if your computer and cyber security has been attacked is by regularly saving your data and making a back-up disk. So, if ever your computer crashes because or loses some information because of viruses, you would be prepared for it since you have a back-up.

Those who only know one or two facts about Cyber Security can be confused by misleading information. The best way to help those who are misled is to gently correct them with the truths you’re learning here.

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PostHeaderIcon Hyphenated Domain Names

If you have even a passing interest in the topic of Domain Names, then you should take a look at the following information. This enlightening article presents some of the latest news on the subject of Domain Names.

You think of a perfect domain name. It contains a keyword that is found in search engines, has no trademark issues and is memorable for website visitors. You try to register your domain name with a domain name company. It appears to be taken. So, you put a hyphen in it. That version of your domain name is not taken, but should you go on and invest in it? This article will explore what webmasters need to consider if they are deciding to use hyphenated domain names.

First, they need to think about their website visitors. Most people are not accustomed to using hyphenated domain names. Even if they like a website, it may be simply a matter of forgetting to include the hyphen. If this happens then the unhyphenated version of the domain name will be what receives traffic, which is definitely not what a webmaster wants. Of course, if a domain name is not hyphenated in the first place, then such an issue would never arise.

However, a hyphenated domain name that is keyword-rich has a higher chance of getting a good ranking from a search engine than a non-hyphenated domain that is not SEO optimized. A higher search engine ranking might outweigh the initial disadvantage of how inconvenient a hyphenated domain name is. This is because if a website has a high search engine ranking, people won’t need to type in the domain name in order to access it. They can simply click on the listing given in search engine results. And if they like the site, they will bookmark it, an action that is preferable, since it shows they are really interested in what the site has to offer.

I trust that what you’ve read so far has been informative. The following section should go a long way toward clearing up any uncertainty that may remain.

Webmasters should also consider whether or not their domain name is more understandable if they use a hyphen. Consider the unusual domain name This is actually in reference to a website that talks about mole nurseries, not molestation. Yet, what will most website visitors think if they saw the domain name in that manner? Including hyphens can make such a website much clearer.

It would also be better for SEO, since search engines would index with keywords related to moles.

So, basically, there are advantages and disadvantages to using hyphenated domain names. If a webmaster thinks their domain name is going to bring them a lot of search engine traffic, they should go for it. And in some cases, a hyphenated domain name is necessary to make its meaning easier to understand.

Otherwise, webmasters should try their best to create non-hyphenated domain names, since these are the types of domain names that rule the Internet world. If they are having trouble coming up with a better domain name, they can consider using a domain name generator. Many domain name companies provide rudimentary domain name generators if a selected domain name gets turned down. Webmasters don’t have to settle for these type though, since there are more sophisticated domain name generators that can offer even more suggestions.

When word gets around about your command of Domain Names facts, others who need to know about Domain Names will start to actively seek you out.

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PostHeaderIcon Start Up Venture Capital Funding

If you’re seriously interested in knowing about Start Up Venture Capital, you need to think beyond the basics. This informative article takes a closer look at things you need to know about Start Up Venture Capital.

Start up venture capital funding is something that many entrepreneurs new at the game would be effectively seeking. But it is not always that easy. Venture capitalists also are very selective when it comes to the different businesses that they seek to fund and help out with so much needed capital. For one thing, venture capital investors are into the industry in order to gain some profits themselves.

In order for entrepreneurs with good ideas for a business to become successful in getting the funding that they need, there are some things that they should need to know about venture capitalists ad the industry. One of the most important things that they should learn is that venture capital funding is never easy to obtain. It takes quite a great deal of convincing and persuading venture capitalists in order to avail of their money. They have to be persuaded that the business that you are trying to plan offer a high growth potential which attracts so many venture capitalists. It is the only way that venture capitalists can ensure that they get their money’s worth when investing in a new and untried business.

Most venture capitalists usually also would like to have a hand in trying to set up a new business that they have invested in. they usually would want to be quite involved in the whole business process actually. From idea generation, start up, operations and their exit, venture capitalists would want to be involved in the decisions and plans just to ensure their own investment.

When it comes to financing, there are basically six stages that such financing are being offered to new businesses. It usually is being provided according to the corresponding developments that typically happen in a business. There is, first and foremost, the Seed Money. This is usually a type of low level financing offered by venture capitalists.

Think about what you’ve read so far. Does it reinforce what you already know about Start Up Venture Capital? Or was there something completely new? What about the remaining paragraphs?

Its main purpose is to help prove a new idea by actually testing them out in the real world. After the idea has proven to have good potential for setting up a business, venture capitalists then move on to provide start up capital. This is the funds that will be then used to pay for expenses that are usually associated with marketing and product development.

There is then the first round of funding aimed to help boost early sales as well as fund the manufacturing process. A second round of venture capital funding may be given to start up companies that have started selling their products but may have not yet turned a profit. This would serve as the company’s working capital for the early stage of the business until it eventually makes money.

The third round of venture capital financing is commonly known as mezzanine financing. It is the stage in the financing process where the new business has started making a profit and is now planning to expand. The fourth round of venture capital funding aims to further help companies go in the way of becoming publicly listed. Also called bridge financing, this venture capital would help finance the company’s aim to go public and set up an IPO which may take a considerable amount of capital.

This is basically how the system of start up venture capital funding works. It may sometimes be modified, but the basics still remains the same.

That’s how things stand right now. Keep in mind that any subject can change over time, so be sure you keep up with the latest news.

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PostHeaderIcon Business Venture: Mistakes On Raising Startup Capital

The following article lists some simple, informative tips that will help you have a better experience with Start Up Venture Capital.

You have a great business venture idea and you are raising startup capital but why is that nobody wants to invest in your business? There is always room for improvement. There are several mistakes on raising startup capital that could be the reason why it is difficult for banks or for venture capital firms to invest on your business.

Robin Cross stated in her article that there are 3 groups of mistakes made when raising startup capital: ?poor preparation, structuring the agreement and managing the money.? This is truly the reasons why entrepreneurs would find their loan applications and investment applications rejected. By avoiding these blunders, then there would definitely be a higher possibility of having a your business financed.

Poor Preparation

There are entrepreneurs thinking that enthusiasm and passion would be enough to start and keep a business. Unfortunately, if you are looking for a startup capital, investors are not only looking for proper attitudes, they are also looking for a complete and solid business plan.

When going to a meeting with bank or venture capital officers, you would like to be prepared with your business plan. This would show how important the venture it is. Nothing is more disastrous when an applicant files an application that has incomplete business plan.

You do not need just funds, you would also need management skills. Another common mistake is forgetting about the managerial aspects of the business. A bank loan grantor and venture capital investor are looking for something when they meet you, how you will return their money and investment. Nobody could be successful without relying or having somebody to help. You would have to get the best people out there.

Structuring the Agreement

See how much you can learn about Start Up Venture Capital when you take a little time to read a well-researched article? Don’t miss out on the rest of this great information.

There are surveys done by U.S. Bank in 2004 showed that there are small businesses who fail because they start with little amount of money. Most of the entrepreneurs who applies for starting capital are actually asking for the amount based on the best performance of their business. It is important to calculate the amount you will be needing in the worst scenario that could happen.

Others would commit mistake of actually not being too conscious about the legal agreements. If you are not confident with dealing with angel investors or VC firms, then it is for the best to get a lawyer that has experience about this kind of agreements. This would ensure that the terms would not be taking advantage of you and your business.

Managing the Money

Proper management is the key. It is natural to have difficulties on the first year, but overcoming it is important. There are entrepreneurs that would start a business just because of getting excited over it, but once they experienced a difficulty, they would let it go completely. When having difficulties with business, some entrepreneurs tend to keep the problem to themselves.

That is something you should not do! Look for people who can help you. Of course, there are mentors who are willing to help you out with your business issues. Asking for help or guidance is not a sign of weakness, rather it is about acknowledging your weaknesses and working to overcome them.

You do not have to build a fortress around your business, community involvement can help you get additional business contacts and at the same time impart your blessings and knowledge to other people.

Your business venture would benefit a lot from startup capital offered by different institutions. But it is not just enough to get the capital, what happens with money when it is already in your hands would decide what would happen to your business. Startup capital for your venture is just a boost.

Sometimes it’s tough to sort out all the details related to this subject, but I’m positive you’ll have no trouble making sense of the information presented above.

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PostHeaderIcon Cyber Security for Kids

If you think your kids now just need to be protected from strangers offering them candy or from cars while crossing the streets, then you have another thing coming. Your children need a whole new level of protection especially in this age of computers and the internet. More and more kids are having easier access to the internet. According to some studies, more than 80% of teenagers in the US have access to the internet at home. The parents should take an active role in teaching their children proper cyber security measures.

Most of the time these kids who access the net are not careful enough when giving out personal information online. They don?t realize yet the risks of not having confidential and personal information protected online. From virus, to hackers, to identity thieves, these people are lurking in cyberspace waiting for that opportunity. I can only stress the importance of cyber security for kids.

Now there are several ways where you can help instill to your children the proper ways of accessing, behaving and protecting themselves online. One of the more common venue where your children go on the web is the social network sites where they have online profiles, photos and keep blogs or online journals. Remind your kids that not to accept all those you invite them to be their online friend especially if they don?t know that person.

The problem with these social network sites is that once you add someone as a friend, you can be viewed by friends included in his own network which most of time you don?t even know. These are venues where scrupulous individuals can gain access to your personals.

Those of you not familiar with the latest on Cyber Security now have at least a basic understanding. But there’s more to come.

To monitor their browsing activities or encourage them to ask questions, place your computer in an area of the house where there?s heavy foot traffic. This will make it easy for them to call your attention to their monitor if they want to ask questions or show you something. This also discourages them from visiting lewd and pornographic websites.

These websites are not only inappropriate but are also a repository of malware, spyware and virus applications that can destroy files and even your whole computer system. In this regard, it would be best to use controlling mechanisms like content blockers which prohibits them to access certain websites and also monitoring application so you can take a look later what they actually look for in the net.

It is always good to engage your children in a healthy conversation about the things that did or things they can do online. This way you can teach them proper ways or help develop good habits that will ensure their safety online. You can also teach them the pros and cons of social networking, online file sharing, and even the issues of software piracy and illegal downloads. These are part of increasing their knowledge and understanding about the technology of computers and the net as well as cyber security.

You should always remember that children?s predisposition of being still curious, innocent, and sometimes their desire to be independent can cause them to be careless. That is why ordinary safeguards are not enough when it comes to protection your kids on cyberspace. The previously mentioned cyber security measures for kids are not just an introduction.

You will have to know for a fact your kids computer habits and then learn how you can better protect them.

There’s no doubt that the topic of Cyber Security can be fascinating. If you still have unanswered questions about Cyber Security, you may find what you’re looking for in the next article.

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PostHeaderIcon Cyber Security Training: Tips And Guides

Despite the economic turmoil, reports said that cyber security professionals take home relatively high pay. It appears that companies see the benefit of investing in information and data security. While this can?t drive business expansion, it can at the very least protect their businesses from further downhill glide and help them get by until the economy rises back to life.

This only proves that a cyber security career is not only lucrative but also timely. But you don?t become a certified cyber security professional that easy; knowledge of computer and technology is not enough. You have to undergo cyber security training.

But how do you start? What?s the first step? Start by looking for potential training school. Fortunately, many schools join the hype in cyber security and offer certificate and degree programs. Gather as much information as you can, then start comparing. As much as possible, avoid enrolling in online schools. Potential companies need to see evidence of your actual training, and online training can hardly give them that. Learning from books is good as well, but again, you need to build your expertise under the mentorship of physical teachers who can guide you through the ropes of security jobs in an interactive setting.

Of course, you will find that some schools are more expensive than the others. Take note, however, that costs are highly based on the mentors? expertise, laboratories, and facilities. If you find a school rather expensive, check if the teachers are experienced practitioners and do not merely echo what is written in the book. Remember, this is a skill training, and impartation of skills is necessary here.

Make sure as well that the laboratories and classrooms are well equipped, the machines and equipment modern, and the training location highly conducive to learning. Higher price translates to better service; this is the general rule.

So far, we’ve uncovered some interesting facts about Cyber Security. You may decide that the following information is even more interesting.

After considering everything, here comes the hard part?actual learning. The best schools, teachers, and equipment are all secondary; the most important thing is your eagerness and dedication to learn. Make extra effort to supplement your training with research and consistent practices. If you need to setup a network at home to further study and employ what you?ve learn from your training, do so.

You sure will encounter errors and problems along the way, but these encounters are often good opportunities for learning. Research as much as you can. Get good books. The idea here is to learn more by immersing yourself in real-life scenarios.

You can also do volunteer work for small-scale businesses or non-profit organizations. There is a two-fold benefit to doing this. First, you can gain experience in a more professional setting. Second, these organizations are credible references in your future job application.

After passing your training, get active in looking for potential employment. But don?t get frustrated if you don?t immediately get into your dream company. Sometimes companies bank on years of experience, so to take this as an opportunity to gather more working experience. Start by offering your services to companies within your area.

Do not stop learning. Cyber security training is just the start. After this, you are on your own to feed your mind and hone your skill. Attend conferences if the opportunity arises. Consistently meet with other security professionals.

This way, not only will you be learning, you can also meet a lot of people who will either be willing to work with you or offer you employment opportunities.

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PostHeaderIcon The birth of a business through startup venture capital

Current info about Start Up Venture Capital is not always the easiest thing to locate. Fortunately, this report includes the latest Start Up Venture Capital info available.

With the economic instability, people have to find ways to come up with more viable source of income. One of these viable means include coming up with a very own company that has high potentials for growth and success. Since not all people have the financial means to do so, the most common option would be getting a startup venture capital.

A startup venture capital refers to the type of private equity that is usually granted to companies and businesses that are related to biotechnology and information and communications technology (ICTs) because these are the fields that have high probabilities of generating income returns.

Venture capitals are common in industries that are new and have high expectations. Before a group or a company gets this, there are so many requirements and processes they have to go through. If your company plans to avail of a startup venture capital, you should be very careful about the business that you are about to build.

Starting a small business

The main key to starting any business is an idea. A good idea can take you and your soon-to-be business to greater heights if you start well with your venture. Come up with an idea, product or service. Put it down on paper. You’re more likely to succeed if you plan. Put down things like name of the business, what resources you need short and long term business and financial goals.

Next is by starting small. Here, the main motto should be: “Plan, plan, plan!” When your idea is fresh and exciting, it’s easy to start without a thought to how it will pan out and all the implications. There’s nothing worse than an uncompleted project. It can completely ruin your confidence.

Hopefully the information presented so far has been applicable. You might also want to consider the following:

After that, it is best to chart your way to financial success. Here, you can determine what price do you intend to sell your product or service for? How much will it cost you to produce? Work out a roughly estimated profit remembering to factor in fixed costs like rent, energy etc.

Then, you can check out your competitors and compare the business natures. You can gauge how much are they selling a similar product for and if you can add something to it to make yours different and hence a better price.

The next ideal thing to do is to put down your “Unique Selling Proposition.” Also how are you going to market your product?via newspapers, a website, through word of mouth? The option is yours.

Then, decide what type of business you would like to be — an incorporation, LLC, etc. This is important for tax purposes. Here, you can determine how you’re going to finance your business initially. The bank, venture capitalists, angel investors, SBA grants (government), your own savings are all options.

After which, make your product/s or service/s available to as many customers as possible by using your marketing strategy. It will also pay if you keep a close eye on your running costs and keep them in-line with your projections.

Always remember that for you to be qualified for a startup venture capital, make sure that your company’s nature of business have high chances of growth. Make sure that you get your accounts in order right from the start so it can save you tedious work later.

So now you know a little bit about Start Up Venture Capital. Even if you don’t know everything, you’ve done something worthwhile: you’ve expanded your knowledge.

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PostHeaderIcon The Dot Edu Domain Name Extension

When we talk about the domain name, we cannot escape the presence of top level domain names or commonly called as domain name extensions. It is for the reason that the domain name extensions are a great part of a domain name.

Given such idea, it is no doubt that many companies or the domain name owners in particular have their own domain name extensions for a much better identification. It is in fact a general view that all of the domain name extensions, whether it is a dot com, dot net, dot org, or dot edu domain names, really play a great part for identifying a domain name.

If the dot com, dot net, and dot org is the most common types of domain name extensions and has contributed a great part in the field of domain name, the dot edu domain name is also of great importance. Many domain name holders today cater to dot edu domain names for certain purposes and for certain functions.

Generally, the dot edu domain name is a descriptive domain name extensions that is designed to imply an educational institution or a degree granting university. So whenever you see a dot edu domain name, now you know that it is an educational institution or a degree granting university. To better show a concrete idea about the dot edu domain name, take for example the University of Portland’s domain name at which is the official site of Oregon’s Catholic University, the University of Portland.

If you base what you do on inaccurate information, you might be unpleasantly surprised by the consequences. Make sure you get the whole Domain Names story from informed sources.

Just like some of the top level domains such as the dot gov, dot net, and dot int, the dot edu domain name is also known as part of the generic domain names that is one that would not immediately be related with a company. Given such fact about the generic domain name to which the dot edu domain name belongs, it is therefore understandable that the dot edu domain name is such that defines an entire category of business and with the dot edu domain name, that business would be the “educational” business.

And speaking of the generic domain names to which the dot edu belongs, it is considered that as many of the domain name extensions have been approved today, many companies have gone on to create successful brands based on a generic domain name, and these domain names tend to be very important.

Furthermore, the dot edu domain name is such of great importance for identifying the educational institution since many of the people today are looking for some resources or information about certain educational institutions or degree granting universities maybe for some purposes. And by knowing that the dot edu domain name exists in the real world, they will be able to locate a certain educational institution through the dot edu domain name extension.

The dot edu domain name, finally, as it is one of the noted important domain name extensions therefore exists for the dot edu domain name generally affects how easily the visitors of the degree granting universities will find them. So when looking for a degree granting universities or some educational institutions in general, you better tahe as much care in considering the dot edu domain name as you do in the actual name for the fact that each is just as significant as the other.

Now you can be a confident expert on Domain Names. OK, maybe not an expert. But you should have something to bring to the table next time you join a discussion on Domain Names.

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PostHeaderIcon Tips for students who want to overcome procrastination

Take this quiz to find out if you-or any students in your family-need to get serious about overcoming procrastination:

– Do you put off assignments until the last possible hour because you like to think of yourself as the type of person who works best under pressure?

– Do you write down your priorities before you start projects? Do many things seem unimportant when you look at them in the light of these priorities?

– Do you ask yourself which of several tasks is the most important one before you rush into an assignment?

– Do you concentrate on finishing an assignment when you’re in danger of missing a deadline, rather than complaining that you never have enough time to get your work done?

– Do you make sure your friends know when not to disturb you?

You may not consider everything you just read to be crucial information about Procrastination. But don’t be surprised if you find yourself recalling and using this very information in the next few days.

– Do you turn off the TV and your phone when you need to work on an important assignment? Do you concentrate completely on what you’re doing now, rather than dwelling on what you did in the past?

– When you’ve done the best you can, are you content to wrap up a project and hand it in as it is?-Do you generally make good estimates of how much time it will take to finish an assignment?

If you answered “no” to any of the above questions but the first one (I hope you answered “no” to that one), you can develop better study habits by getting serious about procrastination. Try doing the hardest assignments first. Sandwich a difficult assignment between two of your favorite ones.

Most students dread writing assignments, putting them off to the last possible minute. Writing is one of the most important skills a student can develop. Here are some tips from great writers that can help you conquer the procrastination monster:

– Winston Churchill wrote about 5 million words in his lifetime. That’s the equivalent of ten thousand 500-word articles, so he must have enjoyed writing very much. And he wrote well-well enough to win a Nobel Prize for literature. Churchill once said: “When you’re going through Hell, keep going.” To paraphrase that advice for all students struggling with a writing assignment: When you don’t know what to write, keep writing.

– Don’t be a bleeder. (Journalists who agonize over every word they write are known in their profession as “bleeders.”) The faster you write, the more you’ll enjoy writing. Jack London, one of my favorite writers when I was a student, said that “you can’t wait for inspiration; you have to go after it with a club.”

– Another Nobel Prize Laureate, John Steinbeck, said: “Write freely and as rapidly as possible and throw the whole thing on paper. Never correct or rewrite until the whole thing is down. Rewrite in process is usually found to be an excuse for not going on.” In other words, rewriting before you finish a first draft is an excuse for procrastination.

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